770 Thermo Sliding


Profile width Case 140mm, wing 70 mm
Number of chambers 4
Profile class B Class (TS EN 12608-1)
Seal Type Internal-External, 2-seal system
Seal Type and Color TPE - Gray / Black
Glass thickness (mm) 4, 20, 24, 28, 32, 40, 42mm
The thermal insulation Uf : 1,40 W/m²K

Light Oak ST 515

Golden Oak ST 500

Anthracite Grey AS 508

Anthracite Grey ST 508

Swamp Oak ST 503

Grey ST 507

Dark Oak ST 501

Cream AS 057

Grey Sand AS 509

Mahogany ST 504

Thermo Sliding System, which offers maximum insulation and ease of use by combining large and modern living spaces with full security based on its high security performance, has 140 mm frame and 70 mm wing width.

Compared to the existing classic sliding systems with bristle weatherstrip; it has maximum air and water tightness thanks to the inner and outer sealed joint details.

It offers energy efficiency and comfortable living spaces with high thermal insulation, thanks to the application of glass thickness up to 42 mm.

You can create a comfortable living space by combining your garden with your living room, because it can be produced in large sizes up to 6 meters width and 2.5 meters height with its two-partition and four- partition options.

Thanks to the large glass surfaces created, you can feel the wide and spacious views inside your home.

It offers the possibility of use on high floors with the alternatively-designed static, mullion profiles.

With the new generation sliding accessories used in the system, it can be opened and closed without any efforts and does not allow the system to break down due to wrong use.

Due to its system features, it ensures locking with maximum pressure in the frame and wing joints. If you want to ventilate the space, it is possible to ensure ventilation by moving the wing inwards by 4 mm.

Specially-designed laths are available in many options such as 20 mm, 24 mm, 28 mm, 32 mm, 40 mm and 42 mm.

It offers alternative decoration possibilities with the ADO Film quality and various color options.

770 Thermo Sliding

just for your home

Plaspen New Generation Thermo Sliding Door and Window System does not only provide high heat, sound and air insulation performance in spaces, but also enables you to create larger and more comfortable living spaces thanks to its new design.

Thermo Sliding Door and Window Systems provide high level protection against hot weather in summer and against cold weather in winter, and its most important feature is its ease of use and aesthetic design.

You will have many reasons to choose the Thermo Sliding System.