A Story of Success...

“PLASPEN, which is one of the most important players of the PVC sector with its market share, corporate reliability and richness of production complexes, was founded in 1989. in agreement with the leading PVC manufacturing companies based in Europe, the latest technologies to Turkey always was before most organizations that transfer. quality PVC and measures in developed countries, the same standards began to be produced according to Turkey's climate and conditions.

It has always been a pioneer in the sector in terms of quality and durability since the first day it started production and hundred percent customer satisfaction. For this reason, it has brought many innovations to the production concept and the sector since its establishment. PLASPEN, which left its mark on the firsts in the sector, presented the quality and aesthetics to its customers in the most economical way.

PLASPEN, which was included in the important brand of the industrial sector, ADOPEN group in 2000, has become a reliable organization that has expanded with the responsibility of being a pioneer and knowing new technology, thanks to the new structuring. As of 2003, ADOPEN moved to its new facilities in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone, one of the biggest industrial facilities of the Middle East and Europe. It continues to produce in its state-of-the-art integrated facilities spread over an area of ​​630 thousand square meters.

Despite its high quality, PLASPEN is aware that it owes being economical to being a pioneer and will always be so.

Since its establishment, PLASPEN has been meticulously complying with international standards, TSE and EN norms in the production of all series and the profiles that make up these series, and in addition, all organizations before production, production and after sales are carried out in accordance with quality standards, and these productions have been certified with documents.

Taking the "nature's instinct for protection" as an example, PLASPEN bears the awareness and responsibility of being a pioneer in sustainable environmental issues.

The place where it has come today with the confidence it gives to the sector and its consumer is the result of years of being a pioneer. PLASPEN is happy where it arrived."